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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Don't throw ANYTHING out + the early days...

Around the time I started this blog and my website, I bought a new camera. A Nikon D700 ( a full-frame DSLR, as opposed to the one I started with, a Nikon D90, entry-level DSLR, with a much smaller sensor, etc)

Once I started using the new one, I immediately thought 'there is no WAY I am ever going to use the old one, I may as well sell it!' but, after some prodding from someone else, I finally agreed to take it with me on a shoot. Mostly because for this gig (and many others I do now) I was required to get 'social' photos, shots of the punters - and as I am currently down to one CF card I didn't want to 'waste' it on shots that in my head, aren't as important as photos of the actual band.

Anyway, so I dragged out the D90, blew off the dust (just kidding, dust dare not enter the area I keep my equipment) stuck a lens on it, and took it to the Imelda May concert at the HiFi, Brisbane on March 3rd.

I did use it for 'socials' and for some of the support acts. Then I put it away and got out my D700. Because of the way my camera bag is currently set out (has moveable dividers and such in it) and the gear I had with me (the D700, D90, new fave lens 24-70mm and 'old faithful' 50mm and on a lark, my huge 70-200) I had to do some re-arranging and the 70-200 ended up on the D90. Rather than stuffing around with zipping and un-zipping the bag again, I just slung it on one shoulder and the D700 on the other.

After I got what I considered 'good' shots of Imelda May, I decided to use the last little bit of the 3rd song (the last song for me) to see what the D90 could do.

Here's one of the results;

The point of my ramble? Never get rid of stuff!

Adding more photos to my gallery right now. Found the folder of photos I took on my very first photography gig, with my very first camera (yes the D90) with kit lenses (*cringe*) no idea what I was doing and absolutely no experience. I should also add that I had purchased the D90 exactly 2 days before the event, and took it out of the box for the first time on the drive to Toowoomba (location of the event) 

It's probably a bad idea to show the less-than-perfect shots, but in a way it kind of shows where I started, how far I've come (in my own humble opinion...;)) plus I got to shoot some of my favourite bands at that event, Easterfest 2009. Here's one, of Grant Norsworthy - as part of Paul Colman Trio

Gallery is up!

Yes - it's working! I've uploaded a lot of photos to it - ones I even forgot I had! Definitely a bunch that Flickr has never seen. Still working on some to add later.

So just follow the Gallery link on my site and enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Procrastination and Indecision, my old friends...

If you've been to my website, you may have noticed the 'Gallery' tab doesn't work. That's because I haven't actually put anything in it. First of all I couldn't decide what kind of gallery I wanted, then when I settled on one I decided I didn't like it anymore, but I don't speak enough HTML to actually change it so it's sitting there...empty. Oops. The Flickr link works though! I will get the gallery up and running...soon... (meet Procrastination)

The other problem is deciding which photos to use. Say hello to Indecision :)

Had a few shoots of late, 2 were in as many nights, that was a busy week. Worth it though. I got to photograph Imelda May - Irish rockabilly singer/songwriter. Seriously talented and beautiful, I now love her music. Got some good shots of her too.

The other one was Silverstein with supports blessthefall and I See Stars. That was fun. Huge amount of energy on stage and from the crowd. Perhaps a little too much from the crowd, actually...Security sure earned their pay-cheques that night!

I was constantly diving out of the way to avoid getting trampled by dudes being dragged out of the area in front of the barrier (either because they jumped the barrier or were pulled out for being naughty) scored a nice shoulder bruise for my troubles, but as always was worth it to shoot some great bands!

That's one thing I find difficult - trying to be aware of what's going on around you with a camera pressed to your face and the other eye squinted shut. Need eyes in the back of my head...or side mirrors? Hehe.  I try to glance to the side every few minutes but it's hard to not get lost in the whole photographing thing...also the whole post-processing thing.

I sat down at 8pm last night to sort out some shot to use on my website. Next thing I knew, it was 11pm...heh. Doesn't help that I have a cold right now so sitting in front of a computer is a much more appealing option than, you know, actually doing something,

As per last blog post, camera is all fixed. CF card isn't - but that's okay, I know where to get them at a decent price.

Did I mention that I hate CF cards? Well I do. Fiddly, fragile, obtuse things they are...

Here's a shot of I See Stars.  Happy looking fellow he was...