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Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's that time of year...

Yeah - THAT time. Christmas time. The busiest time for me in my day job, and not completely dead in the photography work side either! Also my website has had a bit of a facelift, I now have a Facebook page for my photography (here! Like it!)

I just recently covered the IGA Brisbane Lord Mayor's Carols in the City. I didn't seek that one out - and I am NOT a fan of carols and the whole santa thing...but I had a blast! There were some seriously talented Australians on stage that night (Marina Prior, Troy Casser-Daly, Paulini, Peter Shurley, ...etc) fantastic lighting (I think from the same people who do Easterfest each year? THEY ROCK!) and a really nice atmosphere.

It was challenging, I'm not used to dodging video cameras that are being operated remotely - at things like Easterfest there it usually a human attached to them so they're quite easy to avoid. A few times I might've popped my head up at the wrong time - but we'll see on Christmas Eve when the whole thing will be on TV! (for locals, channel 10 from 6pm, I believe) actually I might not watch embarrasing if my head does pop up!

Anyway, a few days after that I photographed Explosions in the Sky at the HiFi. Not a bad performance.

Now I am done for 2011! Unless you count a performance I am set to photograph at 11:30pm on new year's eve. That will be fun...I absolutely LOVE Dead Letter Circus - and this will be my first time photographing them on a proper stage with an actual barrier! SO looking forward to it!!! After that I've got something in early Jan, possibly something else on Australia Day and not too long after that a little thing called EASTERFEST! P.O.D. are coming in 2012 - can't wait to photograph them!

Almost forgot, my camera went in for it's servicing last week (I have the best camera repair guy, he is awesome - Anderson's in Capalaba for anyone who needs a Nikon or Canon fixed/cleaned) had a sensor clean and a general check-up. I have a pic of my sensor before and after the cleaning, bit of a difference! Done 40, 000 actuations too. Generally a D700 can do 150, 000 I think so nearly 1/3 of the way there... After that - shutter mechanism replacement? I'm not sure. I hope it lasts for a long long time.

Well that's me for this post. Time to head to my boring day job. Here's a couple shots from the Carols thing (Marina Prior, Justice Dance Crew, Random Dancing Girl )