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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I've crossed over...+ EASTERFEST!

That's right - after using windows-based PCs and laptops for most of my life and eschewing all things Apple - I am typing this on my brand new MacBook Pro13", core i5, all that jazz.

I needed something that could travel with me when I do my photo thing, and this fit in with my specifications. 'Nuff said.

I tested it with my CF card-reader last night, expecting a little resistance (installing a NEF codec at the very least) but nope, iPhoto seemed to know what I wanted. Intuitive little beast this mac.

Let's see, what else is on my mind...oh yeah - EASTERFEST!

That's right, not long now! Very excited. So many amazing bands I plan to catch (note I said plan, I always end up missing some stuff!) fantastic entertainment, awesome atmosphere... I feel like I'm overusing the superlatives here...haha.

It's hard not to though, with such an amazing event. Easterfest really is unique in Australia. We have nothing else quite like it.

They have an online scheduler thing, but I don't see myself following it, even if I did use it. I just end up with 6 or so program booklets on my person, and making a bunch of snap decisions when faced with choices of who to see, what to do.

I know some things I definitely won't be missing! At the top of my list isn't even a band, it's Christopher Wayne, illusionist extraordinaire.

I've seen Mr Wayne perform a few times now, at various locations. Whether at a small church or on the massive mainstage at Easterfest, his shows are always entertaining, and hilarious! Here's the video of what he's got planned for us this year; I think everyone will be highly impressed, shocked, and definitely entertained.

Next is the Paul Colman Trio. No WAY will I miss this act! I've been a PC3 fan for a long time. Only recently, however, did the band reform - after taking a long-term hiatus before I got the chance to see them onstage - so getting to see them twice in 2009 and again this year is fantastic. D-d-d-d-dip! Dip! Dip!

So many more! The Smart, Adventure Land, Scat!, Compliments of Gus, The Classic Crime, and oh yeah probably my favourite still-performing band ever - SWITCHFOOT! I saw them in Brisbane late last year of course, but still stoked. Switchfoot's live show is unbelievable. That we get to have them in Australia twice in a relatively short space of time is wonderful (relative to how long it had been since their last trip, prior to 2010...a few years) much to look forward to. Makes it difficult to sleep, actually! I'd better give it a go though, work tomorrow. Night, world of blog!

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