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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Exactly how I wanted to ring in 2012...

Watching Dead Letter Circus on stage at the Coolangatta Hotel, with a camera in my hand. I don't think it gets much better than that! (would be poetic to say I also had a drink in my hand but I rarely drink alcohol at all, let alone when photographing)

The band was fantastic - as usual! (DLC always are) the venue was actually surprisingly nice (heard bad things about the Cooly Hotel before I got there) and I had no issues getting in. I couldn't find my confirmation email before I got there (wifii is patchy on the M1...) but I rocked up to the front door and no probs! On the list. Always a good thing (!)

Didn't catch much of the support band, Jericco I think they were called. They sounded okay though.

DLC though...always blown away. It was my third time shooting them, my fourth seeing them live. Hoping for more in 2012!

Tonight it's the Paul Colman Trio at Gateway Baptist. Can't wait!

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