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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Slack Attack

Okay...last post in FEBRUARY! Wow...I suck. I didn't even do an Easterfest 2012 post! Nor will I. Mostly trying to forget that event. Not that it wasn't great photo-wise, but there was a slight confusion concerning my media pass ad...ugh just a long, ugly story that did end happily in the end but never should have happened in the first place.

So let's move past Easter. After it I shot August Burns Red / Blessthefall at the HiFi. GREAT gig. As usual, lighting could have been better (and less red) but worth the trip. Missed out on Mutemath, but got AntiFlag at the Zoo in Fortitude Valley. Then a big favourite of mine, Dead Letter Circus. Stoked to get that one... AWESOME show. First time I'd seen them at the HiFi.

This weekend I have a sports event (over four days) then coming up I have Steel Panther, Hilltop Hoods, The Bamboos (not in that order) and some other stuff I forget.

A LOT going on at the moment, outside of photography. Big changes.

What the hell has happened to Blogger, anyone know? All my photos are goneski. Ah well. All are on Flickr anyway.

 I recently went through the Lynchmada album launch show from late 2011 as I felt I hadn't given the photos my proper attention the first time around.  So those are on Flickr now. Check it out:

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