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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Not sure if I've touched on this subject before...but I will give it a post of it's own anyway.

There are a set of unwritten rules and regulations amongst photographers...I think. I must have started my photography thing with the world's most polite, accommodating shooters. 'Coz it's gone downhill lately.

 It's pretty simple. Basically, 'Do Unto Others...' applies here. Would you like to be stepped on? No. Have someone move in front of the shot you're framing? No. Therefore, don't do it to other shooters. If you do...accidentally (it happens - less than 2 feet of space to share with 5 photogs and 3 security guards? Yeah tripping definitely happens) just apologise.

That said, you really do need to have an eye in the back/side/top of your head. When you've got a camera pressed to your face and 100% of your attention focused on the stage...SMACK! Oops..someone's just kicked a piece of stage equipment into your head. Or worse, your lens. BAM! Security just pulled a naughty crowd-surfer over your head and you copped a Doc in the eye-socket. SMASH! You just tripped over the shooter next to you, ending up on the floor.

It's virtually impossible to know what's going on around you when you're focused on the one subject...but it'll help in reduction of bruises, broken equipment and pride.
Trust me....I ended up on my butt in front of not only thousands of screaming fans
but also Aaron Gillespie and a whole bunch of other media/artists/security. In that case though, there was no contributing factor other than my own lack of balance and coordination.
Then there was that memorable shoot of the Oh! Sleeper set at Easterfest 2011. Lead singer just barely missed my head in one of his many attempts to stage was a tad scary!

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